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2014 02 10

Has the Polar Vortex Trapped your CEO?

Polar Vortex” and “Severe Winter Storm Warning” are terms that send literal chills down an air traveler’s spine.  Fines and penalties incurred for excessive boarded-aircraft delays have changed the way airlines deal with winter weather.  No longer will and aircraft load up and wait for hours for a chance to depart.  Rather, to avoid the fines imposed by the FAA, and the even bigger smear to their public image caused by angry hordes of live-Tweeting, Facebook-posting, Instagramming passengers/prisoners, airlines have been proactively cancelling flights – in some cases 3-5 days before a weather event.  The claim that such measures help commercial carriers recover in the days after such an event is certainly true, but that doesn’t mean much to the many thousands of people whose plans were severely disrupted by such decisions.  Imagine that your team has been working to close a large deal or that your product is about to launch at a consumer convention…what do you do when the boss calls from an airport that has been shut down entirely?
These are cases where private aviation can be of extreme value.  The per person cost for a private jet is always going to cost considerably more than commercial tickets, but when you factor the average airline recovery time of 2-3 days after a severe-weather event,  suddenly the TRUE cost of lost time, productivity, and opportunity far outweighs the money spent for the private jet.  With another solid month of winter weather and temps to come, I encourage all travel agents and personal/executive assistants to do their own “preemptive strike” and think about alternative travel solutions prior to the next event. Additionally, EA/PAs can earn special rewards for arranging a flight with Executive Charter Services.

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